Why Snelling?


Snelling Paper & Sanitation  provides high quality food service packagingjanitorial/sanitation supplies and industrial packaging products. Our reputation has been built on prompt and efficient service and our unwavering commitment to excellence for more than 100 years.


In 1915, when Ottawa was a booming lumber town, Charles Snelling changed the supplies buy/sell equation – and completely changed the game. He stepped up to represent buyers and suppliers, taking care of supply procurement and delivery so his customers could focus on the things they did best. For the lumber mills, he took on the management of sales and distribution of their timber and paper products so they could focus on rebuilding their empires. For patrons in need of timber and paper products, he became their one-stop solution, placing their orders and managing their accounts.

Pat Lahey, Vice President, and Randy Graham, President and CEO

Pat Lahey, Vice President, & Randy Graham, President & CEO

For over a century, Snelling™ has never lost sight of its original purpose – to build lasting, personal relationships with independent business owners; to take care of their business and to deliver peace of mind. Through our strategic alliances and supplier partnerships, we provide unique, personalized service coupled with innovative programs that fit your business needs. Imagine a new bottom line with less work and less worry; more money and more time!


In 2020, Snelling Paper & Sanitation became part of Bunzl Canada. Bunzl, too, is a family-grown business with more than 100 years of long-standing customer relationships and a proud legacy of service excellence. As part of this global sourcing powerhouse, Snelling can now deliver even more to our valued customers, including first-to-market and exclusive innovations and owned brands that deliver quality, performance and value.


What sets us apart? The same things that always have. We take your business personally. We get involved in your community. And when you need us, we’re there… because we’re family, and  that’s what families do.




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